No business has more potential for growth worldwide than the party supply industry. Party supplies are an $11 Billion per Year and growing category, one that is in constant and continual demand anywhere you have families with kids. And Party Land Inc. is the worldwide leader in helping people just like you to join the party by way of the time tested and proven Party Land Franchise model that has been in use around the world for over 23 years.

    Why Party Land and why party supplies? Because people everywhere - families in particular - are finding more and more reasons to celebrate, and they're always looking for new and interesting ways to make their parties fun and memorable. And that's where your Party Land has such potential, or as we say, "Party Land is Where Fun Parties Begin!"

    Take a look around and see the wealth of events and opportunities for interaction with happy customers that you'll enjoy dealing with on an everyday basis in your Party Land Franchise. For example, Halloween as a celebration and family event has grown enormously in the last ten years around the world with no sign of slowing down. Luau parties are held all year long all around the globe. In every quarter of the year and in every part of the world, adults and kids are partying like never before; Mardi Gras, Big Game Celebrations and Poker Party or Sports themed parties are just some examples. Plus, as any parent with children knows, kids always want the latest theme party items that are connected to their favorite cartoons or the popular movies that they watch. And, after all, every day is someone's birthday!

    Look around your community. If you see full ballfields on the weekend and neighborhoods, schools and supermarkets that are full of families and children - you need a Party Land!

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