When you are dealing with Party Land, Inc. you have immediate access to the help and assistance of our highly experienced management and staff to aid in bringing your new Party Land Franchise to life. You receive everything you need to "hit the ground running."

1. Complete Site Selection Assistance - A key component of the Party Land method is the exacting attention paid to this most critical part of your new business' development. Party Land, Inc.'s ownership and top management are directly involved in this process. The best possible site for your Party Land is the result.

2. Complete Training and Store Assembly - Once your Site has been selected and approved, Party Land provides you with full and complete Training drawing on the wealth of knowledge and experience we've gathered in our 23 plus years in this industry. The seasoned management and staff at Party Land, Inc. impart the knowledge you need to you to quickly bring you up to speed so you are fully prepared and ready to operate your Party Land with confidence from day one.

Party Land's Operations staff then takes over to expertly design and assemble your new Party Land quickly and professionally. Everything you need from "soup to nuts" is provided in our approach to having your Party Land Franchise up and running as soon as possible and with the right mix of products and services for your market and your customers.

3. State-of-the-Art Computer System - A Party Land Franchise provides you with the most effective and efficient computerized Point of Sale and Analysis system in the industry today. Party Land executives worked with the designers to produce a custom program that revolutionized the approach to business operations at the store level and provides methods for controlling inventory and running a successful and profitable Party Land Franchise of your own "by the numbers." Plus, the system runs in real-time and over the internet so you can be monitoring your unit's activity from your home office, vacation home, boat - anyplace you can make an internet connection!

4. National Advertising & Marketing Materials - Along with Party Land's continual support for you and your new business, you are also provided with a complete portfolio of professionally developed advertising and marketing materials for your use in the development of your new Franchise. Party Land's Marketing Department will guide and assist you in the development and use of the advertising you need to efficiently and effectively tell your customers where you are, what you offer and why you and your Party Land are the place to go for the very best in party supplies and services.
Plus, our in the field training continues on with you after your opening, providing you and your staff members with timely, interesting and saleable tips and techniques to further enhance your presentation and maximize your profits.
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The Party Land staff provided support
in getting our retail store open for business, from site selection, product selection, and layout, to detailed operational guidance and training. All of the various staff members made themselves continuously available for questions and advice in the most professional manner." "