• Business Type: Franchise

  • Total Capital Investment: $150,000-$297,000

  • Liquid Capital Investment: $60,000 Minimum

  • Financing Assistance: Yes

  • Training and Support: Yes

Investment Schedules
ItemDescriptionPrice - 2000 ft.Price - 3000 ft.Price - 7500 ft.
AdvertisingPre-Opening, Grand Opening and Selected Seasonal Advertising Placements$9000$9000$20000
CarpetCustom Carpet - these costs include shipping and install.$6000$10000$25000
Delivery VanFirst Payment, Last Payment and Security Deposit$2000$2000$2000
InventoryInitial every day inventory plus first year seasonal.$72500$109500$300000
Fixtures and Leasehold ImprovementsShelving, Slatwall, Counters, Hooks, Display Bins, Shopping Carts, Includes Shipping and Install$35000$45000$100000
Franchise Fee$35000$35000$35000
Point Of SaleCosts Include Hardware and Software, Training, Install, and Support$20000$29000$29000
Rent Deposit$5000$13000$30000
SignageIn Store, Exterior, Balloon Cards and Van Lettering$8000$8000$15000
Store Set Up Costs$7500$7500$15000
TrainingTravel Costs and Living Expenses while training at Party Land Inc$2000$2000$2000
Working Capital$15000$25000$25000

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