The Party Land Service Oriented Approach
  • Custom Balloon Decorating
  • Delivery and Rentals
  • Cotton Candy Machines
  • Popcorn Machines
  • Sno Kone Machines
  • And much, much more...

    The way a Party Land customer is treated and the attention given to their needs regarding their celebration is a big part of why Party Land stores stand apart and are so well remembered by our customers. The Party Land Service Oriented Approach is what we call the extra attention to detail and service that your customers receive while visiting your store.

    Also, Party Land Franchisees can participate in highly profitable service work both in the store and out in the surrounding community. Party Land Franchisees receive our complete and comprehensive balloon training program while attending Party Land University. Every Owner/Operator learns the art and science of custom decorations. The curriculum includes both the basics and advanced features of balloon bouquets, balloon centerpieces, arches, columns, balloon drops and releases as well as balloon delivery. This Party Land specialty service is in demand as well as highly profitable. Your customers remember this attention to detail and attention and that further separates Party Land from any who would purport to compete.

    Additionally, Party Land Franchises participate in the lucrative party rental business, providing even more value to your customers and your bottom line. Party Land units rent popcorn, cotton candy, snowcone and slushy machines as well as tables and chairs and other rental items that really work to help your customers pump up the fun at their event and pump up your sales. Party Land stands apart in customer attention, satisfaction and fun.
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The people at corporate headquarters really care about our success.
They have held our hands every step of the way.
Desde que entramos a Party Land no trabajamos, nos divertimos, a sido una gran experiencia tener la franquicia de Party Land, nuestras vidas han cambiado mucho."