Opening your own Party Land Franchise is fast and easy. We have franchise units that range from 2,000 square feet in size to over 4,000 square feet and our start up cash requirements are from $60,000 - $90,000 (minimum cash investment based on SBA financing requirements) with a total investment range $150,000 - $297,000.

    If you're considering financing your new business, Party Land has financing relationships with large, well known national banking concerns. While we do not provide direct financing, these high quality banks have worked with many of our franchise Owner/Operators and are familiar with our business plan and program. Party Land will assist you in the development of your individual business plan as part of our development program.

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Our training at Party Land University gave us the knowledge to operate our new business successfully. Even today, 20 years later, corporate is always there. Their support is constant and reliable."